Antonio Eyez latest release, “Voodou” is a tour de force in holistic music transcendence and a highlight of the creative freedom and liberation of Antonio Eyez as an indie artist.

Antonio Eyez is a versatile artist, composer, producer, and arranger who believes in being only as good as the last record. With that pioneering mindset, always looking to surpass previous achievements at every corner of composition, production, and arranging. Fond of enigmas and likes to explore uncharted territories in order to create music that is unique but still has instant appeal. His music spans several genres and styles, including funk, R&B/soul, pop, and rock, with a characteristic psychedelic influence that adds to the haunting intrigue the music carries.

His latest release, “Voodou” is a characteristic example of the genre-bending artistic integrity that allows for the creation of music that defies categorization yet is unforgettable and continues to linger in the heart long after the final notes fade away.

This track just has instant appeal, but you still need several repeat experiences for it to actually sink in. By taking a holistic approach to its creation, Antonio’s boundless creativity is allowed to thrive. There is that traditional influence that accentuates the nostalgic weight of the jam and the chants that add to the depth and elegance of the music.

The bass, guitar, and drums provide a captivating backdrop for The seemingly dreamy vocals cutting across rap and soul in fascinating ways, capturing the essence of the jam in ways that not enough words can express.

The funk thrill, soul/R&B, and rap twists showcase the genre-bending creativity that flanks Antonio’s career, backed by a characteristic psychedelic culture, which makes this song hauntingly beautiful, memorable, and otherworldly.

I’ve listened to music that hit me so deeply that I couldn’t wrap my head around it because of how distinctly captivating it was. I can say for sure that “Voodou” is another one that I still can’t find words to quantify. It’s just so magical, with a compelling groove and vocals, that by the end of your listening experience, a feeling emerges, something inexpressibly holistic.

Enough with these words; how about you stream the music, and you’ll know what you feel. This is for your body, mind, and soul only!


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