Eclectic songstress and producer Anya Randall Nebel is set to release her new EP titled “Random” on December 8, 2023.

Anya Randall Nebel is a virtuoso in music production, with a richly eclectic style that ignites the senses and unleashes adrenaline. When it comes to her, genres and styles are secondary; music comes first, and that is what has enabled her to dabble in diverse sounds, from classical jazz and R&B to vibrant rock and EDM. She prides herself on her versatility and innate competency to present music in multiple forms while still holding onto her authenticity. Something that is no mean feat. She has an upcoming EP titled “Random”—a collection of five enchanting originals, interlacing classical jazz and EDM that have been meticulously produced and arranged. The beats resonate with irresistible energy, each note meticulously placed to pulse in tandem with the listener’s heartbeat.

With this EP, which will officially debut on December 8, 2023, Anya invites listeners on a journey where each tune acts as a sonic catalyst, propelling the soul forward with unwavering drive. The ethereal demeanor of classical jazz fully immerses the listeners, and the synergy of electronic elements and pulsating synths amplify the sensory experience. This EP transcends boundaries, forging a sonic path that invites you to discover new layers with each listen.

I had the honor of listening to this EP beforehand, and I am here to give you a glimpse of what to expect from this super-refined collection that showcases Anya’s boundless creativity and versatility!

“Anyone with a Heart” features a mellifluous intro that is classically flavored. Anya’s sweet-sounding vocals breathe life to the tune, filling the listener’s heart with warmth. As the tune progresses, the rip-roaring and driving electronic components are added to the mix, creating a highly energetic sonic soundscape that takes the listener into another dimension.

“For A Few Dollars Extended” is an undeniable crowd-pleaser and one that immediately gets you feeling the vibes. The production is unique, and so is the execution, showcasing Anya’s peerless talents as a producer and artist.

“Moonlight Sonata” dazzles brightly in its expansive and hard-hitting soundscape. The bass and synths rattle the floor, establishing themselves as the leading components in the mix without overpowering the rest of the instrumentation.

This track’s instrumentals have been impeccably balanced, and the deep driving beats add to the dynamic, texture, and appeal of the jam, making it a memorable jam you’ll want to listen to repeatedly.

“Symphony 40” is another bona fide standout that takes you to a lively scene in the middle of the dance floor. Here you are completely immersed in the music, and now nothing else really matters but this ecstatic moment…everything else is a blur!

“Crazy” is a colorful anthem with an inescapable house demeanor and some of the most enchanting vocals you have ever listened to. The blend of rhythm, melody, and vocals is seamless and immaculate, enough to make you fall in love with this jam as you wish it never came to an end!

There you have it, “Random” promises to transcend all manners of barriers and take listeners to different realms where their dreams come alive and euphoria reigns supreme!

Mark your calendar for December 8, 2023, and follow Anya on all platforms for real-time updates!

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