B. HUGHES’ “G.Y.S.T.” Featuring DURAG B Is a Certified Masterpiece in Rap Transcendence!


A lyrical poet defined by extraordinarily memorable melodies hailing from Atlanta is the songwriter and poet Brandon White alias B. Hughes started making beats and rapping from the early age of 15 while going by the name DJ Staxx. His name is partly inspired by the African-American poet and activist, Langston Hughes and he credits his musical inspiration with eminent luminaries such as JAY Z, Kanye and Atlanta’s own maestro Andre 3000 as he seeks to build his own empire from the ground up and paint it with eternally satisfying melodies that will echo through generations long after he is gone! He is just getting started and the top is where he is headed and with the strong momentum he has gathered, there is absolutely nothing and no one that can stand on his way lest they don’t fear being exterminated!

The single and video for “G.Y.S.T.” qualify as a mainstream track and a radio staple with the dedicated performance and accomplished lyrics at the core. Everything sprints out of this melody with a genuine attitude and crunch as B. Hughes featuring talented R&B vocalist Durag B delivers an emotion-filled and show-stopping masterclass that sticks to a listener’s head in sensational ways. The sparkling intro with the percussive swings breathes life into the audience right before the bass-driven bouncy beats are met with the poetic masterclass of B. Hughes as he gives an ode to determination, resiliency, patience and belief. “Dedicated sick of waiting

But light shines from being patience

Find a grind and stimulate it

In due time you can check your savings

You can see the outcome of hardwork and dedication, discipline and meditation…”

Durag B gives this tune its rhythmic bearing with the heartfelt chorus delivery that boasts of catchy flows and hooks that design an anthem of sorts which you will really appreciate as you join in and sing along “Wait for it, pray for it, it’s yours go for it, you know what they don’t keep doing what they don’t!” All through the track balances the melodic affluence of the lyrical poetry by B. Hughes with the infectious allure of the chorus in mind-boggling adroitness and is what qualifies this as a certified gem.

The music video is a visual treat on its own with the raw images expertly blended into a cinematographic theme to grab a viewer’s attention as they get to watch the beautiful sceneries while listening to the powerful ballad. Follow the attached link, subscribe to B. Hughes’ YouTube channel, watch the video, give it thumbs up, share it, and save it to your music library. 

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