San Diego’s Devorah Delivers a Powerful and Inspiring Performance in “Breaking Through”

Devorah is a rising soul and pop artist known for her captivating vocals, infectious melodies, and deeply relatable songwriting. She draws inspiration from her own experiences and those of the people close to her, imbuing her music with depth, authenticity, and relatability. Her voice is one of her greatest assets; she exercises effortless control and possesses a powerhouse voice with pure range and power. Her goal is to not only entertain but also empower and inspire her listeners with positive songwriting, allowing them to feel less alone in their experiences as they find their own stories within her words.

The single, “Breaking Through” showcases Devorah’s undeniable vocal talent and her ability to convey raw emotions through her music. With her powerful lyrics and captivating vocal delivery, she packs an appropriate punch with this soul-stirring performance.

Captivating hearts and inspiring listeners, “Breaking Through” is a deeply personal and profoundly touching masterpiece that resonates with audiences on an emotional level.

This polished masterpiece is more than just a song; it’s a potent anthem of triumph over adversity, inspired by Devorah’s own journey to sobriety and overcoming addiction. The track features dynamic instrumentation and empowering lyrics that uplift and inspire listeners to persevere through life’s challenges with unwavering determination and courage.

Devorah’s performance on this song is nothing short of spectacular. Her soulful voice exudes power, control, and emotion, captivating listeners from the very first note. The charged-up energy of the chorus highlights the emotional depth of the song, leaving a lasting impact on all who hear it.

Music has always been Devorah’s outlet for expressing her deepest emotions and experiences. Through this song, she aims to share her personal journey of overcoming obstacles and finding strength in vulnerability. It is an emotionally touching song she hopes will resonate with anyone facing their struggles.

“Breaking Through” serves as an ode to resilience and hope, deserving of being heard by music fans everywhere. Devorah’s inspiring masterpiece is a reminder that no obstacle is too great to overcome with courage and determination.

Make room for this special tune in your favorite playlist.



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