Phenomenally Gifted Female Star Devorah Displays Her Exceptional Artistic Gifts in Her Latest Single, “Not the Same.”

An artist with a focus on creating music that seamlessly blurs the lines between a wide range of genre definitions and creative ideas; Devorah’s style of music combines the energy of pop with the nostalgia of R&B and the melodic edge of EDM, which has allowed her to set the bar higher in terms of versatility and focus. There is still a lot to expect from Devorah, as she is seeking to surpass expectations at every turn and go on to become a cultural force and one of the most prominent artists ever.

Building on the bulging wave of momentum that her previous tracks like “I Love the Way You Dance” and “Pretend” have created, Devorah is bursting through the seams again with another authentic single dubbed “Not the Same.”

In this deeply moving tune, Devorah hits a personal and uplifting tone that lures a listener in and also feels very genuine as it is coming from a place that breeds an honest set of lyrics. Through her easily quotable and sing-along lines and hooks, the listener is taken through the life of a woman who has just gotten herself through a heartbreak. And while she is choosing to focus on herself and not be the same again, there is an understated sad reality: the person she thought she was in love with already had someone all along!

The beats thrive with an inescapable futuristic pop vibe and with a dash of R&B, and her powerful vocals possess such raw emotions that it is easy to get lost in her performance. It’s just so amazing how she manages to make an anthem out of that chorus that will keep on playing in a listener’s head even after the track is no more.

“Not the Same” is just easily likable; even the fiercest critics have to acknowledge such sound precision, design, and technique, backed by that passionately powerful vocal performance!

“Not the Same” is now streaming on all your favorite platforms; follow the attached link to give it a listen, and if you like what you experience, make sure you add it as a favorite under your library!


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