Drew A. Will – 12, Pt. 1

Drew A. Will, a musical virtuoso hailing from Wilmington, Delaware, and now nestled in the artistic enclave of West Chester, Pennsylvania, unveils his latest sonic masterpiece, “12, Pt. 1.” As a seasoned recording artist and multi-instrumentalist, Drew draws upon a rich tapestry of experiences, blending jazz roots from his high school drumming days and classical guitar studies in university to curate a modern experimental folk sound. His debut LP, “Climb Back Down,” released in 2022, showcased his diverse sonic palette, and now, “12, Pt. 1” emerges as the beacon of hope in the midst of personal and global darkness. Crafted at Puppy Garden Studios in Aveiro, Portugal, this single resonates with an uplifting spirit, seamlessly weaving together Drew’s profound lyrics and soulful musical arrangement.

Dive into the enchanting world of Drew A. Will as he invites you to explore the emotive landscapes of “12, Pt. 1.” This song, an anthem of resilience and optimism, transcends boundaries and connects listeners on a deeply personal level. Drew’s unique blend of instruments, from the upright Charles R. Walter piano to the resonant 12-string guitar, creates a captivating backdrop for his heartfelt narrative. As the music unfolds, so does a story of overcoming challenges, echoed through the repeated refrain, “Just 12 rooftops away.” Join Drew on this musical journey, where every note resonates with hope and determination. Don’t miss the chance to be part of this sonic experience—listen to “12, Pt. 1” now and let the transformative power of music uplift your spirits.


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