Emmett, the freshest talent in town, once again showcases his unmatched potential with the single “Sky All Around”

Emmett is a 17-year-old prodigious music producer, rapper, and singer based out of Chicago. He has cultivated a lifelong passion for music and making beats for as long as he can remember. When an opportunity to join one of the highly rated music production schools (Interlochen Arts Academy) presented itself, he embraced it with open arms. While previously he was all about making hip-hop beats and full-song instrumentals, he started integrating his vocals into the productions, thereby creating original music that has so far won him widespread and well-deserved acclaim from both his fans and his contemporaries. He is a rare gem hidden amidst the grit of the music scene. He possesses a repertoire of anthemic hits, ready to be unleashed upon the world. You will surely want to be present for it!

His latest single, “Sky All Around” showcases the evolution in Emmett’s attention to detail in his songwriting and skillful execution.

This track explores various perspectives on fulfilled and unfulfilled potential and how our friends and the people we keep around can be the catalyst for our success or failure.

The track commences with a powerful, highly captivating hook at its core, backed by the dulcet piano tones that offer the perfect backdrop, attractively complementing Emmett’s limelight-stealing vocals.

In the verse, he adopts a different musical approach, coming through with his impeccable verses and scene-stealing flows over the dense, bass-draped hip-hop beat. Here, he displays his limitless creativity and versatility both as a storyteller and performer.

With such a self-empowering theme at its heart about us making the best of the time we have here on earth, “Sky All Around” is perfectly suited for any playlist out there!

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Follow Emmett on Instagram to gain insight into his musical journey, and don’t forget that “Sky All Around” is just a second in a long line of new material guaranteed to shape an exciting new future for Emmett!

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