Rap Artist Iluminative From Australia Engages Listener, the World and Nature in His New Album Titled, “Shapeshifter”

Iluminative Shapeshifter

An artist whose music transports listeners towards the worlds within the unfathomable depths of emphatic comprehension and contemplation; engineering a vision of the future of humanity and the potential of creativity and imagination that is explored through his stunning musicality! Iluminative is his adopted stage name and this rap staple hails from Mullumbimby, Byron Bay in Australia. Rooted in that underground rap landscape; his music still carries the inventive and stunningly imaginative splendor of classic rock and modern pop for that adequate listening experience. He is influenced by the Slipknot musical group and Eminem the prominent rapper.

His imposing discography boasts of four certified projects namely; “The Awakening” EP and albums; “Kundalini Rising”, “The Spectrum” and his latest one “Shapeshifter”- a 7-track album rooted in evocative yet demure landscapes contrasted by the relevant and sensitive lyrics that are dripped in wealthy rap vocals. This time round Iluminative has leaned into the underground rap with rock flavors with a thousand-yard stare. Writing, composing, performing, recording, and mixing, Iluminative has found his voice and shows no signs of slowing. If you have some blues and the only prescription is more expressive rap, “Shapeshifter” can help!

“Shapeshifter” the title tune is a lively blockbuster of a flavored tune with its deep and thriving beats draped with some rock melodicism and styled in hip-hop delivery with the way Iluminate drops his innate bars. The unceasing and accompanying percussion is why this tune will stick to your head and play out like a mantra each time you are about your day-to-day activities!

“This is War” echoes the cries of a universe on the verge of collapsing. This lyrical masterclass holds no prisoners in its approach with the catchy and memorable phrases, “This means war, this is a world war, this means war, this is world war III” where the gist of this rap melody resides. The gruff-like vocal drops repeat the phrases for emphasis and showmanship which allows a listener to heavily gravitate toward this tune.

There is deep impact in the other tracks like, “No Means No”, “Natures Raw” which implores us to save our planet earth, and even “Ascend Hell” does not miss in its melodic charisma and shimmery lyricism!

This is the official invitation for a listener to share in this melodic dish as you wine and dine to its gratifying flavors; follow the attached link and serve yourself to your fill!

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