Vienna-Based Artist L.A Bluez’ “Lost Filez” Reaches the Core of Emotional Satisfaction!

Combine raw talent, emotional storytelling, and an uplifting and cathartic experience, and you are describing one musical genius, L.A Bluez, who, by blending a little bit of  everything from the R&B sound, has come up with a genre of his own that is the ‘New L.A Bluez’. Utilizing my freedom of expression and since I am the one writing this anyway, I would like to describe L.A Bluez’s sound as a mix between Usher and Silk Sonic with Michael Jackson undertones. Refusing to be put in a restrictive box, L.A Bluez crafts family-friendly sounds; soulful hits, and a cappella tunes while embodying that classic and alternative R&B and soul.

His “Lost Filez” mixtape is just emotive sound design at its finest; one of the best listening experiences I have had so far! I like how the tracks seamlessly transition into one another without the mixtape losing its authenticity or originality. Like the transition from “Tomorrow id3” to “Sidewalkz (I am your all) id5” is just so smooth you almost don’t notice you are listening to another track.

L.A Bluez flexes differently in the soulful tune, “Different Kind of Blue id3”- His performance really underscores this sensational piece because this truly is a different kind of blues man. Just from that seductive intro that features the inviting, alluring percussion with mellow synths down to the sensual vocal delivery. These beats just transport a listener into a heavenly place, and his profound vocal performance ensures you remain there throughout its length!

“Tomorrow id3” is just another indescribably beautiful tune. Right from the intro, the proficiently crafted melodies and rhythms can’t help but seduce a listener; transporting them to blissful places, sometimes nostalgic and sometimes cheerful. That smooth transition into “Sidewalkz (I am your all) id5” will take some time to get used to!

The laid-back, soothing and haunting vibe in the tune “It’s getting’ Late” hits you deep into your soul and I am pretty sure that is what paradise must feel like because how else could it be than this magical!

In “Rock u”, you just have to rock with the dance-pop vibe- throughout that performance, you might actually think MJ made an appearance, but this is all L.A Bluez, as this performance highlights his versatility and innate abilities as a musician. That beat switch as the tune builds is just so smooth and hypnotic—nothing prepares you for the feeling you are going to get off of this timeless masterpiece!

There you go: L.A Bluez is your hero, your headliner, and “Lost Filez” is your timeless record of the year. Follow the attached link and ride with it to musical eternity!

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