Feel the Warmth as Lucas Jay’s “Sunshine” Graces Our Playlists With Its Melodious Embrace.

Lucas Jay grew up in South Africa, immersing himself in every style of music he could find. He later joined a rock band before migrating to the USA, meeting songwriter and producer, Josh Fields, in Los Angeles. Little did he know that this fortuitous crossing of paths was the genesis of a great musical journey. Together, they have developed a style of songwriting that is transparent, daring and reflective of both their experiences. Lucas explores the life-inspired themes that are often found in retro pop music, showing off his versatility and the fact that he can do more than just ballads and still maintain a high level of vocal performance. Lucas is the answer to the question pop music hasn’t asked yet and the missing piece to its never-ending puzzle.

“Sunshine” is a raw masterpiece that really feels like coming of age for an artist like Lucas Jay. This track is thoughtful, conscious, and inspiring all at the same time.

Unfurling with a catchy, upbeat, and vibrant melody from the get-go and jumping at a listener with that impressive blend of rhythm and melody, “Sunshine” immediately gets your attention as Lucas breathes life with his golden voice that has that old school ‘soul’ feel!

There is an irresistible funky vibe to the track, and that contagious nostalgic feel is exuded by the retro melodic arrangement. As the track progresses, the insane electric guitar chops are added, giving this song an undeniable rock thrill and adding to the track’s cross-genre appeal!

The memorable chorus is at the core of this release and one that takes up residence in the mind of the listener, refusing to let go even after the song has ended. This song is a powerful anthem of self-empowerment and moving on from a draining relationship.

“Sunshine” is a blend of rollicking fun and introspective moments; it’s a well-arranged, lovingly curated, and brilliantly executed mash-up that’s exciting and intelligent. Trust me, it’s all worth listening to!

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