London-based artist M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s showcases boundless versatility and expressiveness with his latest album, “Intro to Insanity”

London-based M.E.L.O V.i.b.e.s’ music is as idiosyncratic as his stage name. He is an artist who is unapologetically himself, which is what makes his music so special. His passion for crafting music that resonates with everyone is evident in each of his tracks, and his dedication to his craft is truly inspiring. What sets M.E.L.O apart from other artists is his authenticity.

He is not afraid to share his personal experiences and emotions in his music, and that is what makes his songs so relatable. Whether it’s a jam about love, heartbreak, or just having a good time, his music speaks to listeners on a deep and personal level. He prides himself on his versatility, with a sound and style that spans multiple influences from hip-hop and rap, R&B, afro-pop, soul, and many others.

His latest offering, “Intro to Insanity” features nine eclectic tracks based around his past relationships and the regular patterns and trends that come with said relationships. He ensured the album’s diversity, aiming for wide-ranging appeal. Lovers of Afrobeats, hip hop, R&B, and Amapiano will find something to sink their teeth into from this project.

“Wait for Me” embodies that Afrobeats culture from arrangement down to execution. The beat is hypnotic with an instant appeal, and M.E.L.O does not let it go to waste with his distinctive vocal resonance. He ebbs and flows nicely, operating between rap and song territories and succeeding on either front audaciously. The guest vocalist, MoL1y, adds depth with her sweet-sounding R&B-infused vocals. The way the two come together in a blissful moment of sonic unity to perform the hook will give you goosebumps!

“Suspension” is another gratifying masterpiece featuring vocalist Nola Muu, who sets the tone with that delightful hook before M.E.L.O skates smoothly over the groovy beat, exuding such poetic finesse with his masterful rhymes and charming cadences. This track is a lively and singable ballad.

Maintaining a strong presence throughout and exuding such confidence and charisma, M.E.L.O jet-skies over the beat in “Main & Sides”, taking the listener on a lyrical effervescence reaction and capturing the essence of the beat with his freakish cadences and jumpy hooks. He comes fired up, transporting the listener into a matrix with his visual wordplay and vivid lyricism.
“Tribe” is a proper and cultural hip-hop tune that revels in its undeniably mellow and chilled soundscape, offering solid support for M.E.L.O’s subtly vibrant vocals. He sings with a mature tone, showcasing poise and elegance with his powerful reach. The guest rapper CONXEPT accentuates the weight of the tune with his equally provocative bars.

“Thinkin Bout You” seamlessly clashes Afrobeats and Amapiano, and the end result is something intoxicating that gets you completely lost in it as you dance the night away with reckless abandon in that state of music-inspired euphoria. More than anything, M.E.L.O showcases his stylistic flexibility to adapt to virtually any beat and style, excelling with impeccable lyrical flamboyance backed by MoL1y’s equally stunning vocal elegance as the two of them take us to a world beyond. The beat switch towards the end before reverting to the rollicking Amapiano flavor is another hypnotic highlight of this jam.

“Same Song” is a quality sing-along anthem thanks to the catchy and repeated lyrics. The guitar intro really stands out, and its presence beautifully haunts the background, complementing the dense, modern hip-hop beats alongside M.E.L.O’s lyrical expressiveness!

“Intro to Insanity” is worth every second…this is a project I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to any music lover out there.

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