Sacramento-Based Singer-Songwriter Madilyn Mackensie Has a New Empowering Single Titled “Light.”

Madilyn Mackensie has always found solace and sanctuary in self-expression through music. Inspired by countless icons of both the past and present, she creates timeless songs that capture the profound depth of human emotions. Through heartfelt melodies and relatable songwriting, she aims to forge that real connection with her audience while inviting them to share in her musical odyssey. Her music is strikingly raw, organic, and personal, backed by her angelic voice, which sets her apart from other female performers in the music industry today.

“Light” is her new single and a sentimental piece that takes cues from her personal experiences and captures the raw emotions of that lack of self-worth and authenticity at some point in her life. This is an all-too-familiar experience where we sometimes find ourselves swaying to others’ opinions of us, losing our power, and folding under pressure to the extent of doing things to please others—all this to our detriment.

The gently yet powerfully picked guitar lays the groundwork for this song, backed efficiently by Madilyn’s golden and heavenly vocals as she sings from her heart and soul, capturing the track’s raw emotions and hitting all the right notes with her standout voice.

The phrasing is just right, and the way she delivers that chorus is guaranteed to stick with the listener outside of the song.

The production by So Much Light is a seamless fit with her stunning voice and incredible range. There is that cinematic percussion added with the keyboard as the track progresses before ultimately adopting the stripped-back arrangement. Madilyn’s voice remains expressive and emotion-driven, fitting perfectly into the mood of the track.

“Light” is a fantastic work by a talented singer-songwriter who still stands for real, female-fronted artistry.

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