Rapidly rising hip-hop entertainer Marcus Christ comes up with an unforgettable anthem dubbed “Shots All Night”

Marcus Christ’s life hasn’t always been what it is now; as someone who grew up in the streets, he found himself caught up in that street life and culture, which saw him get in trouble with the law on more than one occasion before he decided to turn his life around. He is now in college, working on his Master’s degree, and is still pursuing his passion in music, which has always been there ever since he was of tender age. As someone who delved into street culture and flirted with danger, he has been able to develop a high degree of literacy with the experiences that characterize his rhymes. He is now acting like a bridge between musical generations with his generous sounds that glance at the past while stepping into the future.

“Shots All Night” is the banger you want playing as you pull up to your nightclub for a possible night of your life. The delivery here, which misses nothing, really puts you in a certain familiar mood that makes you feel excited for what’s to come!

By any standards, “Shots All Night” is a club banger that has been delivered smoothly. Marcus Christ takes hold of the mic and goes on an incredible ear-haunting rampage as he displays that he has got what it takes to moonwalk over any type of beat and deliver a masterpiece that cannot be denied even by the fiercest critics.

As a matter of fact, this performance right here turns haters into fans. The way he switches his flows as much as his voice when delivering that chorus is reason enough to believe that he is no ordinary rapper—your favorite rapper could never do it!

“Shots All Night” is the kind of craft you want to listen to—the way it cleverly cuts across the underground hip-hop scene with a more futuristic flair is just sound design at its finest, which is why you deserve to have this masterpiece in your playlist!

To do exactly that, just follow the attached link and let this banger boost your playlist as much as your spirits!

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