Los Angeles-Based Music Producer Michael A. Price Returns With a Bona Fide Banger, “Jerusalema (In These Streets)”, a Striking Rendition of Master Kg’s “Jerusalema”

Michael A. Price’s production prowess combined with his unwavering commitment to authenticity allows him to breathe new life into the music that he creates. Apart from being involved in music production, he is also involved in music licensing, artist development, songwriting, and song placement. He continues to push creative boundaries, exerting an influence beyond music, and uniting people from diverse backgrounds. As a music producer, his productions showcase a blend of infectious melodies, intricate flows, and thought-provoking lyrics, highlighting his versatility both as a songwriter and performer.

He returns with an engaging and authentic single titled “Jerusalema (In These Streets)”- a bona fide standout rendition of Master KG’s internationally acclaimed “Jerusalema.”

Michael brings his own imaginative appeal to a tried and tested sound, and the result is something absolutely magical and one that is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on its listener.

The enchanting, beautifully haunting, and expressive choir-like vocal harmonies lay the groundwork for this jam before the drums come rolling, backed by the incredibly expressive lead male vocals.

The track adopts a similar rhythmic arrangement as the original but with more creative twists and innovations to set it apart. From a production point of view, Michael nailed it to absolute perfection and created something that you just want to listen to over and over again.

The mix is solid, the arrangement is of the highest standards, and the execution is first-class. The track also carries a deeply meaningful theme at its core that is bound to resonate with any listener, despite their genre affiliations or age.

With “Jerusalema (In These Streets)”, Michael wanted to pay homage to African culture and heritage and bring people closer together with this unifying and deeply relatable message, and that is really what he achieves.

This is the kind of track that gets you joyfully dancing on your feet as you sing along to the catchy lyrics and put the song on a loop for back-to-back sonic pleasure!

Catch the vibes of this masterpiece by following the attached link and adding it straight to your favorite playlist!


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