Michael Day- Nan and Pop’s house

In the heartfelt tapestry of Michael Day’s musical universe, “Nan and Pop’s House” emerges as a soul-stirring ballad, weaving a poignant narrative of nostalgia and familial love. Imagine this: a folk maestro hailing from the enchanting Perth hills, Day’s music beckons listeners to explore the corridors of their own memories and reflect on the profound moments that shape our lives.

Embarking on his musical odyssey in primary school, Day’s journey was ignited by the strings of a guitar, ultimately guiding him to the captivating realms of indie folk rock. With influences like John Butler and Newton Faulkner, his skillful guitar playing and evocative storytelling became the foundation of his distinctive sound. However, it’s “Nan and Pop’s House” that encapsulates a deeply personal chapter of Day’s story. The song not only paints a vivid picture of his cherished upbringing but also serves as a heartfelt tribute to his grandparents. In the wake of their passing in 2023, the song took on a new dimension, echoing the ache in Day’s heart. Get ready to be transported into the emotional tapestry of “Nan and Pop’s House,” where every chord resonates with love, loss, and the enduring power of family!

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