Energy-Packed, Thrilling, and Memorable, Nj-Based Band Neveragain’s Newest Release, “Red,” Is Exactly What You Need Right Now!

Allow me to introduce you to Neveragain; an eclectic punk quartet based in New Jersey, delivering energetic and infectious punk music. Blending pop-punk and punk-rock, the band has been able to create this shimmery sound that is energetic, melodic, and edgy all at once. Imagine a canvas painted with pop-punk’s catchy melodies blended with punk-rock’s raw energy; that’s what defines Neveragain. This unique combination creates an upbeat and dynamic sound with a sparkling quality that makes it both lively and infectious. The songs here have fast tempos, driving rhythms, and sing-along choruses that stick with you long after the music stops. When listening to them, you’d best be advised to have your dancing shoes ready as much as your vocal chords!

After making massive waves with their debut project “Catching Fire” that ignited the punk-rock scene, Neveragain are at it again with a new, energy-packed, entertaining, and unforgettable performance with their latest release, dubbed “Red.”

Here, the crunchy guitar solos, solid bass, punchy drums, and expressively melodious yet aggressively raw lead vocals of Joe ebb and flow together, creating a compelling contrast, inviting the listener to enjoy the sort of energy you only find in this kind of energy.

Wearing their hearts on their sleeves, Neveragain’s fervent passion for this kind of music is evident in every note. The energy unleashed here cannot be tamed, and the execution leaves nothing to be desired.

“Red” was inspired by the very idea of you, yes, being the toxic person in a past relationship. As you listen, picture your ex recounting how toxic you were in your relationship—yes, that makes you the ‘toxic ex.’

The raw emotions in the vocal delivery, the intense and infectious energy in the instrumentation, and the untamed passion in the execution is what make me so excited to recommend to you this banger. I hope you enjoy it as much as Neveragain did when it was created!


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