Portugal-based EDM wizard PHARI has an epic new release dubbed “Alarm”

PHARI, the luminary dance music producer from Portugal, continues to command the EDM scene with unmatched prowess and finesse. His sonic wizardry, transcending borders and captivating audiences worldwide, has propelled him to the forefront of the international stage. Currently boasting over 100,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, PHARI’s music deeply resonates with his fans, weaving elements of future house, melodic techno, electro, and pop into a mesmerizing tapestry of sound. Celebrating the recent success of his album ‘Broken Mind,’ which surpassed 250,000 streams, each track he creates is a testament to his boundless creativity and innovative spirit.

He returns with his latest masterpiece, “Alarm,” a track that is hauntingly beautiful, infectious, and brimming with energy. “Alarm,” the new single OUT NOW by PHARI, showcases the Portuguese EDM producer making significant waves on the scene. The enchanting female vocals lift the music to epic heights, complementing PHARI’s intricate sound design.

The intro is mellow as PHARI invites a listener and prepares them with a scintillating blend of keys and synths. The captivating female vocals then breathe life into the music as they float over this dulcet foundation, adding elegance to an already exquisite production.

With the foundation sufficiently laid, PHARI evokes the pulsating energy that EDM is known for—the striking sawtooth synths intertwining with the deep basslines, emphatic drums, and other quintessential electronic components to hit all the deep spots.

The female vocals continue to enchant over this beautiful instrumental foundation, adding an emotional aspect to the music. The more you listen to this banger, the more it grows on you and leaves a lasting mark—haunting even after the final notes fade away.

This is music production at its best. To create something this catchy and infectious is a field reserved for the few, and PHARI makes the cut.

“Alarm” is expected to further earn PHARI international acclaim. This is going to dominate the airwaves and generate massive streams because of how well it was produced and executed.

To add “Alarm” to your favorite playlist, check the link below, and as you do, recommend it to your friends. I’m sure they’ll appreciate such a fine masterpiece as this.


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