Rap star PIVE pours his heart out in the new jam “Different”

In a jam that creates this powerful narrative of resilience and self-acceptance, PIVE’s “Different” hits all the right spots as the lyrics capture the essence of being treated differently and trying to survive in a society that is hugely judgmental, all at the same time. The mellow beat and thoughtful keys provide the perfect backdrop for PIVE’s honest lyrics, making the jam both relatable and inspiring. And when you actually dig it, “Different” is a testament to PIVE’s unique voice and the strength it takes to embrace your differences and turn them into something beautiful and empowering. PIVE’s talent is not something you can take away from him, and he prides himself on being able to transform emotions into beautiful works of art with universal appeal, such as this!

Soulful, introspective, and infectious is what “Different” is. It is a tune that blends heartfelt honesty with a mellow, reflective beat and serves as a powerful anthem for anyone who has ever felt misunderstood or out of place.

The raw, honest lyrics over the soothing yet evocative instrumental backdrop allow this masterpiece to become a compelling narrative of personal struggle and resilience.

The striking backing visuals elevate the song to new heights because the lyrics are floating, and you can relate to them as you read them. It’s like subtitles for this great movie, allowing you to not get lost and really understand what the song is about. PIVE left nothing out, and that is why I feel this jam has the potential to amass massive international buzz—it really is relatable and has replay value.

PIVE is no stranger to making great hits; he already showcased that with his “I Will Forever Be” series album, and one thing is clear; he’s incredibly gifted and can’t help himself. If anyone has a problem with that, then that’s their problem and not his!

An ode to who he is and has always been, “Different” is a masterclass in hip-hop and rap transcendence. You deserve this jam—so, take this jam and add it to your own playlist. Recommending it to a friend is highly advised.


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