There are levels to this game; PIVE’s final and third installment, “I Will Forever Be Act 3” to this critically acclaimed series album proves so!

A true wordsmith with a no-frills approach who comes through with a smooth, uncompromising, lyrical, and unique deliverability, Spokane, Washington’s own PIVE, has been gaining traction rapidly ever since he dropped his debut album, “I Will Forever Be,” back in 2021. This album went on to introduce a technically gifted emcee as much as a trailblazing musician with something different to offer to hip-hop and rap music. His sophomore project, “I Will Forever Be Act 2” followed a year later, and it went on to elevate him to international acclaim. And now, he returns with the third and final installment, “I Will Forever Be Act 3″—a raw masterpiece in hip-hop and rap music transcendence that really lives up to the hype!

His innate ability to paint life in vivid detail and express his emotions, thoughts, or perceptions is what makes this album intriguing as well as masterful. He mostly takes cues from his personal experiences and invites a listener to find their own stories within his lyrics. There is nothing to hate about a project so meticulously crafted and skillfully executed as this—not unless you are just a terrible, born hater who cannot be redeemed.

I was intrigued by the track “Lyrical Suicide. It is such an emotional delivery of PIVE’s highs and lows and a relatable reminder of how music was his saving grace. Where every hope was lost, he found his redemption through pen and paper. And while everyone else had given up on him, he found sanctuary in music. With this tune, he aims to inspire listeners to find their shoreline by providing that shot of positive energy amidst seemingly insurmountable life challenges. PIVE is an example of overcoming your struggles to move on and succeed in life, and music has been his saving grace.

“Ghost Like” is an organic tour de force with an adrenaline-fueled beat that is appropriately backed by PIVE’s lyrical dominance as he powerfully reminds all those who doubted him that this is what he was made for. This is all he knows, and he can’t stop till the day he draws his last breath. This tune is heavy on creatively referential and autobiographical bars, and the beat really hits harder every time!

“Ghost Like” has an eye-catching music video that is out on YouTube and in which PIVE features actress and model Romey Fox, shot in the Greenwood Cemetery, the most haunted cemetery in Spokane, Washington. Well, you’ve got to appreciate the bold choice of location.

“Scarecrow” starts with that organic component accompanied by the sing-song approach that PIVE adopts, setting the stage before unleashing a lyrical masterclass over the heavy production that ensues. Here, he does not hold back as he reminds wannabe competitors to stay in their lanes because, unlike them, he is a real, certified emcee.

“Sidekick” is a shot thrown at record labels who didn’t believe in PIVE when he was starting out, and now that he has carved his own path without any major backing, he affirms that he is doing just okay and is cruising at an unstoppably high altitude. His half-singing and half-rapping perfectly complement the well-chosen instrumentation.

“Follow Our Soul” features a candid, mellow, and laid-back production that is still powerful and wraps around the lyrics like a warm embrace. With some smart bars and a confident demeanor, PIVE is full of encouragement for listeners to follow their hearts, borrowing from his own choice of following the music career path despite the contrary opinions and feelings of everyone around him.

There is so much to enjoy from this full-length project. PIVE went above and beyond to give us a grand finale. It was really worth the wait, to be honest.

I even feel emotional because I know what a project like this means to him. He has truly put in tremendous effort and deserves every major acclaim coming his way!

Let’s show him some more love by streaming, downloading, and sharing this impressive work of art that is now available on all major digital platforms globally!

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