Hip Hop Artist PIVE’s “Real Ones” Is Greatness!

PIVE Real Ones

Authentic hip-hop music has safely been in the hands of one Ryan Mullane who goes professionally as PIVE. Ever since he debuted his album, “I Will Forever Be” he went on to demand the attention of both the local and regional hip-hop community, with the album winning him critical praise from fans and critics alike. His way with words is unmatched, and he has mastered unique ways of presenting hip-hop that allow his music to resonate with unique audiences. With his sound rooted in the traditionalism of hip-hop, it is safe to say that his meteoric rise to superstardom at this point is inevitable!

“Real Ones” is one of the most authentic and emotional rap songs I have listened to lately. Even if you just stumbled upon it without knowing the back story, you’d tell that it comes from a personal place. The track is profoundly touching, and his way of delivering it makes it even more heartwarming!

Saying that this banger hits close to home feels like an understatement! And at this point, I am convinced that PIVE could never get it wrong on absolutely any type of beat—the way he flows like water on this one, effortlessly delving into the creative process to give a memorable performance, is rap delivery at its finest!

“Real Ones” sees PIVE reminisce with the memories of all those he grew up with, some of whom have already left the earth and others who are still struggling. With some raw bars from his heart and soul, you can feel the emotions from his vocal performance over the perfectly balanced beats that offer solid support for his hip-hop vibrant voice to thrive.

And then there is just something about that piano that really adds that signature warmth and sonic variety that draws a listener into wanting more. The way those heavy beats and the laid-back rhythms work in close tandem is sound production at its best!

The music video perfectly fits the track’s narrative, with real pictures of people PIVE grew up with skillfully blended to echo his own lyrical delivery about them…such an ingenious and emotional musical showcase!

This is one of those performances that really gets to you…you feel it with every inch of your being, and it ends up being part of your day-to-day listening experience.

To that end, how about you follow the attached YouTube link, subscribe to PIVE’s channel, like the video, and let this tune be part of your favorite playlist!

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