PJ Ferguson & The Tennessee Strange – Don’t Tell Me What to Play

In the electric universe of PJ Ferguson & The Tennessee Strange, music isn’t just a passion—it’s a defiant, soul-stirring rebellion. PJ’s musical journey began at 14, a relentless pursuit of authenticity that now echoes through every chord. Hailing from Upstate NY, PJ’s migration to the vibrant heart of Nashville in 2020 only intensified the sonic explosion he brings to the stage. His latest anthem, “Don’t Tell Me What to Play,” is more than a song; it’s an ode to the tireless spirits of working musicians, a sonic rebellion against compromise.

This rebellious anthem, blending rockabilly, outlaw country, and Americana, encapsulates PJ’s musical ethos. The Tennessee Strange, featuring former Flying Buffaloes Tommy Leland and Brandon Cantwell, add layers of electric guitar, bass, drums, and saxophone that elevate the track to a new stratosphere. “Don’t Tell Me What to Play” isn’t just making waves—it’s creating a musical tsunami. As PJ gears up for his upcoming album, set to release this year, the invitation is clear: join the rebellion, embrace the strange, and let the music speak volumes. The stage is set; let the rebellion commence!

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