A Cry to the Heavens and Solidarity with the War Victims and Heroes; This Is ROCKOKO with Their Expressive Classical Tune “Monstrum Orthrus”

ROCKOKO Monstrum Orthrus

ROCKOKO is a Ukrainian instrumental Band that identifies itself with symphonic Rock and Symphotronica. The band is not limited to only these sounds as they also try their hand in an assortment of genres such as acoustic pop, dance, D&B, Metal, and Jazz. The foundation for the band’s success is the original way of arranging authorial compositions and popular hits. Their impressive discography boasts of an album of original music “Dark & Light”, three music videos, a few singles, the concert program with the symphonic orchestra, had two all-Ukrainian tours, performances in the largest concert halls of Ukraine, video shootings of the concerts and their broadcast on TV and concerts abroad including countries such as Poland, Hungary, Germany. Their versatility and flexibility enable them to collaborate with other bands and artists of any genre.

Their latest track “Monstrum Othrus” is a definitive and certified dedication song that was inspired by the war in Ukraine and as the war drums sound in that cinematic fashion to form a powerful melody; all the heroes and victims of the war are not forgotten!

There are a plethora of engaging ideas on display in this emotional and expressively dynamic track that features the rallying cry of the drums, the synthetic touch of the violin that adds that extra alluring percussion, and the mystical effect of the cello that heightens this track giving it that cinematographic feel. The bass is exactly as it should be and works in harmony with the piano to give this track that timeless feel. With every heavy hit of this rocky percussion is a reminder that war destroys the human race and all those who cannot defend themselves are left at the mercy of other peace-loving countries.

The way the elements in the instruments take effect gives off that edgy feel of a live presentation that plays as the background to some war scenes in the movie and as the track heightens, so does the war culminating in the brutal murder of lives. In these horrid periods where people have forgotten what it’s like to be human, this is the classical instrumental piece to resonate with as you lose all your anger and vent all your frustrations with each passing heavy note and extra rock percussion.

Follow the attached link to listen to the official release of the music audio as we stand in solidarity with all the heroes of the war in Ukraine! At the end of it all, goodwill reign over evil!

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