Ronan Furlong – Always Amazed

In the ever-evolving realm of rock, Irish musician Ronan Furlong emerges as a trailblazer with his latest single, “Always Amazed.” This dynamic and upbeat rock anthem is not just a song; it’s a musical escapade that fearlessly explores new boundaries, seamlessly blending elements of Celtic Rock and Classical music. Ronan’s journey as a musician is as eclectic as his repertoire, having learned the art from none other than Wexford’s own Billy Roche and later drawing inspiration from the Mexican guitar virtuosos Rodrigo y Gabriella. His commitment to producing highly original and thought-provoking music shines through in “Always Amazed,” where engaging lyrics meet skillful guitar playing in a harmonious dance.

As we soak in the vibrant melodies and revel in the spirited energy of “Always Amazed,” Ronan invites us to join him on this musical odyssey. From unaccompanied live performances with just a guitar and a microphone to the depths of history and philosophy embedded in his lyrics, Ronan Furlong’s musical world is one of exploration and revelation. Don’t miss out on the ride – hit play, turn up the volume, and let the unique sounds of Ronan Furlong take you on a journey like no other. “Always Amazed” is just the beginning; stay tuned for the next chapter in Ronan’s musical adventure.


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