Oslo-Based Electronic Music Experimental Artist, Composer, and Producer Sienná Asserts Her Musical Authority With Her Latest Album, “Wa-Kei-Sei-Jyaku 和敬清寂”

Her genre-defiant experimental electronic music with jazz, electronic, EDM, and neo-classical influences is often defined by enigmas that try to challenge the status quo of the industry, and in a musical world where sometimes conformity is king, Japanese native and Oslo, Norway-based Sienná’s music stands out as a true original. So, take a seat, turn the volume all the way up, and let Sienná’s cosmic explorative music take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

Her new album, “Wa-Kei-Sei-Jyaku 和敬清寂” is an experimental masterpiece comprised of nine tracks that collectively explore the hallowed Tenkawa shrine landscape in Nara, Japan, and wabi-sabi philosophy. As you can already guess, the tracks are pretty spiritual and cinematic and perfectly fit the album’s essence and narrative.

While each track is essentially different from one another, they collectively transition into each other and honor the album’s overall theme competently. This is quite an immersive journey that transports the listener into a sacred Japanese world where everything feels freeing; it’s undoubtedly a cosmic, freewheeling, and cathartic listening experience that is quite unforgettable.

“Ajikan Meditation 阿字観” is an avant-garde masterpiece that features an introspective, elliptical melodic progression and feels like the hallmark of Sienná’s music. It’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes this composition by Sienná so evocative and unforgettable.

There’s something unexplainable in this music—a phenomenon that can’t be explained by logic. She makes you think about avant-garde music in new ways—a form that is essentially about the unknown. This track is a gold mine of absolute cinematic and ambient brilliance as Sienná transports a listener into a cinematic-cyberpunk, ambient EDM dreamy world that only she can conjure up.

“One Life, One Encounter” is rich in musical storytelling and ambient soundscapes that captivate not only your ears but also enrich your soul with its experimental yet accessible musical elements. It’s a world you wouldn’t wish to leave anytime soon.

Sienná ventures into new, unexplored territories with the track “Evils in, Fortune”—a piece deserving of the spotlight due to its vibrant features and innovative finesse. Sienná explores the EDM world, going into uncharted waters, expanding the musical world as we know it and…oh boy does she take us to new places!

“Encircle Me Now” features a mantic and ceremonial-like evocation that is simply spellbinding. With the rippling synth accents and mellow orchestral pulses brandishing the melodic circle, it conjures up a powerfully sacred sound that allures the listener like a warning bell. This track has layers upon layers of textures, elements, synths, and nuanced vocals worthy of the Hollywood screen. This track is quite a beautifully haunting, explorative sound that is not devoid of concrete meaning and emotional depth.

Overall, “Wa-Kei-Sei-Jyaku 和敬清寂” is a musical masterpiece guaranteed to further elevate Sienná into the stratosphere of superstardom, and her loyal fans and critics are all in for it. This is an enticing 9-track avant-garde experience and the perfect addition to any electronic playlist.

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