VA Beach Based Meta Musician Stolengoods Drops the Official Meta Music for the Single, “Atlantic Ave”

Stolengoods represents the future of meta music and he is not resting until his music is ringing out loud in some sold-out arena; this dynamic creator who hails from Virginia beach is bringing virtual reality to within the realms of eclectic music and we are in here for it. Working as a bartender, he of course has a penchant for creating cocktails and his own artistry mirrors that alloy as he blends the metaverse with addicting melodies for an ethereally fulfilling journey that will have you demanding more. Stolengoods has his own virtual reality company where he brings his creative fascinations to life!

“Atlantic Ave” is one of those intoxicating tracks that you find yourself immersed in from the top with every element in this arrangement sitting nicely in the production pocket for a wholesome listening experience. His vocals assume a very dreamy and emo state and they warm themselves over the instrumentation effortlessly making this a hypnotic anthem.

From the everyday and night activities around VA Beach; the walks, the skating and the partying- this track gives an ode to such bliss and is reminiscent of where Stolengoods first met his love- down the Atlantic Ave street and an unconditional love blossomed.

You will find yourself lost in this exceptional melody the way Stolengoods was lost in his lovely girl’s eyes and to make this a compelling jam is the complementary metaverse-infused music video that is such an eye candy!

You will be treated to a remarkable virtual reality from the onset with the raw meta scenes blended to perfection to take you on an unforgettable adventure and what makes this track tenfold better is actually listening to the addicting melodies with that vocal sensation and watching the virtual scenes unfold altogether!

To get a VIP experience in this metaverse; follow the attached link, subscribe to Stolengoods’ YouTube channel, like the video and let your thoughts be known under the comment section!

“Atlantic Ave” will also be made available on the other streaming platforms as of this Friday so stay tuned for that.

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