Critically Acclaimed Hip-Hop Duo the Unusuals Have Just Set the Standard with That Epic, Visually Thrilling Music Video for Their Single, “Pressure”

THE UNUSUALS have been one of my proudest musical discoveries in recent years; this hip-hop duo effortlessly stretches the limits between rappers and artists with their genre-bending experimental sound that spans generations. To them, stylistic restrictions and boundaries do not exist, which gives them the freedom to explore uncharted waters and dive deep into untapped territories. They pride themselves on their versatility and innate competency to present music in multiple forms, all while maintaining their consistent brand and not losing that originality that their fans have come to identify them with.

They are back and dominating the airwaves with their latest raw masterpiece, dubbed “Pressure”- an incredibly written and dexterously executed single off of their eagerly anticipated self-titled album. This tune is accompanied by a staggering, visually stunning, and eye-catching music video that stands as a mini-film on its own!

So what’s “Pressure” all about? This track explores the navigation of everyday chaos, i.e. life’s inescapable pressures and the required strong-willed mindset to be able to beat the pressure and come out the other side stronger. The lyrics pertain to an undefeated mentality that never gives up the search for a solution to life’s inevitable obstacles.

The track starts with an unforgettable chorus at its heart, followed by THE UNUSUALS delivering their signature nimble bars and thought-provoking wordplay.

The accompanying music video, which is nothing short of stimulating, is the best complement to this track, both in storyline and symbolism. I love how, as THE UNUSUALS unpack their lyrical narratives, the more intense and hair-raising the scenes get, perfectly encapsulating the mood of the track!

From the first minute all the way to the last, this music video had me gripped. Director Tim Carpenter and the fight coordinator from “The Mandalorian” series bring a commendable and unparalleled experience to this project.

This music video, or rather a mini-movie, is a must-watch for its cinematic excellence.

As mentioned, “Pressure” is a single from THE UNUSUALS’ highly anticipated self-titled album, set to release on December 22. Much to the relief and excitement of the duo’s ever-expanding fan base who have been thirsting for this full-length project!

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