Global Fusion Unlocked: World Funk Orchestra Drops “I Speak in Rhythm (Remix)” – A Groove-Infused Masterpiece That Spans Funk, Dance, and Afrobeats

World Funk Orchestra’s musicality spans international borders, bringing together incredibly gifted personalities in a plethora of creative spaces, and the end result is something that transcends mere music. This ensemble stands as a sonic testament to the power of collaboration and freedom of imagination. For many years now, WFO has pioneered a genre all their own- a musical experience that transcends the boundaries of mere sound. The original “I Speak In Rhythm” is a shining example of that. And now they have sparked the cross-continental dance craze with their enchanting and lively remix.

WFO takes the world by storm once again with the release of their explosive remix of the hit single, “I Speak In Rhythm.” Collaborating with the dynamic M&Ms and the highly acclaimed Jay Mac, this remix transforms the original anthem into a cross-continental dance sensation.

WFO initially made waves with the original “I Speak In Rhythm,” a genre-defying masterpiece melding funk with reggae influences. The infectious rhythm of the original track, driven by bass guitar, drums, keyboards, and electric guitar chops, provided the perfect canvas for the lead singer’s soul-stirring vocals. With compelling and easily memorable lyrics, the original became a global sensation and anthem for funk music lovers.

The remix sees the World Funk Orchestra upping the ante by teaming up with M&Ms and the renowned Jay Mac, a luminary in the creation of club anthems and dance tracks. The result is an exhilarating anthem that seamlessly blends electronic beats with the infectious vibes of Afrobeats over a signature funk foundation, creating a sonic journey that beckons listeners to the dance floor.

Right from the first beat, the remix casts a magnetic spell, inviting audiences worldwide to surrender to the dance floor. The pulsating rhythm and hypnotic fusion of vocals and beats create an irresistible ambiance, turning the remix into a global dance phenomenon. The infusion of electronic elements and Afrobeats ensures a rhythmic experience that transcends boundaries.

As the “I Speak In Rhythm (Remix)” gains traction and creates ripples across continents, the World Funk Orchestra invites music enthusiasts to join the global dance revolution. The remix offers an immersive dance experience, and listeners are encouraged to stream it extensively and add it to their playlists. The infectious energy of this remix serves as a testament to the unifying power of music.

There’s more reason for excitement, as WFO is gearing up for an official music video for this banger set to drop soon!

Check out the link below and let the feet do the talking!


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