Los Angeles-based electronic dance music enigma Yo-Blake returns with a stupendous 4-track collection, “Let It Go / Dȇjalo (Remix)” birthed from the original “Let It Go (House Remix)”

Always putting his strongest artistic attributes on full display, LA-based music producer Yo-Blake bridges the worlds of hip-hop, pop, and EDM to engineer compelling scales that leave audiences craving for more. Offering productions spanning from mellow beats to high-energy vibes, he holds a deep, insatiable passion for crafting intrinsic sounds that captivate beyond just the five senses. He has been gaining massive critical acclaim not only for his tasteful music that has earned him praiseworthy streams but also for his passion and dedication for creating music that exceeds expectations and ultimately helps propel the entire music production industry forward.

“Let It Go / Dȇjalo (Remix)” is his latest offering—a 4-track body of work that was birthed from the original “Let It Go (House Remix)” and bares Yo-Blake’s creatively outstanding identity and showmanship all over.

“Let It Go (House Remix)” has such a nail-biting texture and raw intensity, with each electronic component working harmoniously with each other to create such an energetic, uplifting, and immersive soundscape that gets audiences transported to another realm where people can lose themselves completely in the music and dance the night away like no one’s watching.

“Dȇjalo (House Remix)” features that exquisite Latin flavor with the driving beat, soaring melodies, and ethereal pads adding so much texture and atmosphere to supplement the speed and intensity of the groove.

“Let It Go (House Remix) [Extended Version]” is simply an expanded version of the original track, with the pulsating beat, sawtooth synths, driving bassline, and intricate percussion adding to the track’s ambience and personality as the listener gets whisked away to another universe that you don’t want to get out of!

“Dȇjalo” is where the Spanish gist resides, backed by such electronic dance instrumental dexterity as intricate rhythms, ground-shaking bass, and ethereal synth lines. He weaves all these elements together to create a sound concept that is not just heard but also felt.

As someone who strongly holds the power of electronic music to transport listeners to different dimensions, with this project he proves that as the captain of such an unforgettable sonic spaceship. So tune in, turn up the volume, and ride this wave together!

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