ALEXX’s New Pop-Inspired Release “Vulnerable” Featuring Bri Biase Is Poised to Further Cement His Position as an Emerging Force in the American Music Scene.

ALEXX has been stealthily and steadily trailblazing his own gilded path in music for over 2 years now. His critically acclaimed “Love” EP cemented him as an authentic artist in his own right. If recent releases are anything to go by, it is clear that ALEXX is having the most exciting year of his career, and he’s ready to solidify himself as a household name. His style of music defies norms as much as the easiest of categorizations. He allows his creative spirit to roam freely, tapping into uncharted territories to see what becomes of it. As a result, he has an established reputation as a hitmaker within the realms of hip-hop, R&B, pop, and others.

After months of hard work, a relentless work ethic, unwavering dedication, blood, sweat, and tears, ALEXX returns with a sonic gift that is as nostalgic as it is relevant. “Vulnerable” is the name of his new jam, a collaborative tour de force featuring female rap artist Bri Biase.

What ALEXX did was take it back to the golden age of pop, conjuring up that retro vibe but with a contemporary touch to keep everyone happy. This jam is a perfect showcase of his artistry—a blend of respect for musical history with a forward-thinking approach.

The intro is silky, gossamer-like, with an inviting feel, immediately appealing to your ears and heart. What follows are the lively synth pop beats, striking in their vibrant blend of rhythm and melody. The captivating retro-inspired beats set the scene for ALEXX’s bold and passionate vocal delivery.

ALEXX showcases such a knack for singing, vividly capturing the sensual nature of the song with illustrative lyrics and an unforgettable chorus that is more than guaranteed to take residence in your mind for the rest of the day.

Adding that rap touch to this pop thrill, the guest female emcee, Bri Biase, understood the assignment; brilliantly supplementing the track and giving it a strikingly different viewpoint—one that is essentially about her taking control.

“Vulnerable” also has an impressive music video with striking visuals accompanying it. The professionally blended scenes that are of the highest quality do well to boost the track’s appeal.

If you love your pop music retro with creative contemporary and rap sensibilities, “Vulnerable” is what you’ve been looking forward to all along, you just didn’t know until now!

Find a home for this jam under your favorite playlist, and let everyone around you hear all about it.

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