Hip-hop and rap wizard C.A.S.H. continues cementing his place with yet another catchy and relatable anthem “Tired”

With an unwavering passion for music and faultlessly high energy, C.A.S.H. injects the hip-hop, rap and R&B scene with authenticity that is so rare to find in the market today. Undoubtedly a leader in his field, this lyrical whizz comes through with tracks oozing conceptual depth and raw talent, creating wholly and immersive listening experiences. Balancing a classic, nostalgic sense of character with flawlessly engaging, creative and relatable soundscapes, his music speaks volumes on behalf of personal truth, relentless hardwork, and unquestionable artistry. Having carved his own path, he is not obsessed with trends and prides himself on his originality and knack for coming up with outstanding verses and naturally distinctive and captivating performances.

The air is thick with enchantment following C.A.S.H.’s release of “Tired,” an engaging anthem that speaks of the frustrations of so many women out there who only crave for commitment and realness from their men, only to end up being disappointed big time.

The intro is so atmospheric with an ambient touch thanks to the sampled effects, creating a haunting experience right before the modern beats are unleashed, providing a smooth landing for C.A.S.H., who excels with his brilliant rap-sing technique.

With his distinctive vocals that mirror the rhythmic groove of the beat, C.A.S.H. sings to the exasperation of a woman who just wants their man to be real, quit with the games and man up, but their plea seems to be falling on deaf ears as the man doesn’t really know what they want. The end result is that she ends up being hurt and full of regrets.

The catchy hooks, “she so tired of niggas playing games” encapsulate this exasperating feeling, and they have been accompanied by an unmissable dancehall-fueled element that adds to the track’s thrill!

“Tired” is such a captivating anthem and more than anything, it is relatable to so many women out there and thus socially relevant.

This track is a huge testament to C.A.S.H.’s knack for not only creating infectious melodies but emotionally relevant ones as well.

Check this banger out and spread the word.


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