International Japanese Reggae Icon CJ Joe’s Latest Release, “Never Say Goodbye” Featuring Freddie MO, Is One That Stays With You for Days on End.

An internationally acclaimed Japanese reggae and dancehall artist, CJ Joe is a creative disruptor driven by his insatiate passion for creating music for the sake of delving into the human psyche and experiences. His artistry respects no borders, as he refuses to be pigeonholed, appealing to the burgeoning counterculture with a style that is eclectic and distinctive, drawing inspiration from the widest array of genres and reflecting back onto both the earthly and transcendent. At the end of the day, what really makes CJ Joe’s music exceptional is his knack for seamlessly blending introspective lyricism, innovative production, and captivating storytelling into a cohesive and immersive experience.

A collaborative tour de force featuring afro-soul artist Freddie Mo, “Never Say Goodbye” explores the power of love to withstand geographical barriers. When two hearts are genuinely attached, then, there is no level of distance that can separate them.

“Never Say Goodbye” is catchy from the get-go. The production is exquisite, with a broad-ranging appeal, thanks to its indisputable afrobeats and reggae components that mesh beautifully together to exude a groovy beat that is easy to dance do.

On the mic, CJ Joe makes his presence felt with his warm, inviting, and squeaky clean vocals, creating a sing-along anthem with catchy, infectious, and easily quotable hooks over the captivating beat.

The guest artist, Freddie Mo, elevates the track’s appeal via his sweet-sounding vocals and catchy lyrics, staying on topic and underscoring the emotional weight of the track.

The complementary music video, which has over 38K views on YouTube, features visually striking scenes that are the perfect embodiment of what the song is all about, capturing the attention of the viewer throughout.

A delicious and memorable anthem, “Never Say Goodbye” resonates on so many levels, making it an easy recommendation to anyone who loves catchy and relatable music.

Add this track to your library, and if you are in a better mood, highly consider recommending it to someone, just like I did!


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