La-Based South Korean Emerging Artist AltoDZI (Formerly Known as Alto) Captivates with His New Jam, “Wide Awake”.

For those who have been following the LA music scene, AltoDZI, who previously went by the moniker Alto, needs very little introduction. He has captivated listeners with his eclectic, Korean-infused sound, resonating deeply with a broad audience. His passion for fashion and vibrant lifestyle is evident on his Instagram account. His voice is rich with distinct colors, and his effortless navigation through various sounds while maintaining his unique identity underscores his artistic merit.

Redebuting with his new moniker, AltoDZI is now the talk of town following the official release of his new single, “Wide Awake”- a magnificent jam that sufficiently blends emo lyrics, hip-hop beats, and R&B vocals.

The intro features a gently haunting piano as AltoDZI’s background, slightly audible vocals echo in the distance, and as they come alive, so does that modern hip-hop-flavored beat that impressively jumps at a listener.

AltoDZI immediately gets things going with that catchy and infectious chorus that is the focal point for this jam and one that will still linger in the mind long after the final notes fade away. His distinct vocals showcase that elegant R&B appeal.

Going into the second verse, he switches gears and gets things flowing with an ear-catching rap performance. The way he slides over this beat with his melancholic-fueled flows makes the track worthwhile.

The now familiar and singable hook, which is the capstone of this jam, makes for a climaxing end to what is an undeniable masterpiece.

I love how simple and elegant the production is, and although I would have preferred longer verses, this track leaves an infectious impression with little else to critique. I can still feel that chorus as I go about my business. That is the mark of something golden!

“Wide Awake” is a worthy addition to any playlist and one that I’d highly recommend to anyone who likes their music emotional, catchy, infectious, and danceable!


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