Baton Rouge’s Hip-Hop Visionary, D-Lain, Has Released the Epic and Thrilling Music Video for His Critically Acclaimed Single, “Zone Out,” Featuring Symone.

An erudite wordsmith who effortlessly blurs the lines between rapping and artistry, Baton Rouge-based emcee D-Lain personifies authentic hip-hop and rap. A student of the game who has grown into a tutor himself, this artist is what growth and relentless dedication to one’s craft look like. As the rest of the music world recognizes his immense talent, his devoted fans continue to appreciate him as a trailblazing sensation, consistently amazing with his exceptional abilities.

When he released his 7-track EP, “Zoned Out” last year, he anticipated it’d do well, but he could not have foreseen the global buzz it went on to generate. This was a perfect case of talent, dedication, and heart. Among the massively acclaimed singles from the EP was “Zone Out” which he collaborated with the incredibly gifted R&B singer Symone.

The track is doing really well and has become a fan favorite in Louisiana and outside. The numbers speak for themselves, and it was about that time that we got a music video to continue that high momentum.

It is safe to say D-Lain and his team went all out with this thriller. This visually striking art transcends mere music videos and expands into film, captivating with its sci-fi ingenuity and five-star craftsmanship.

The mellow yet powerful production, reminiscent of West Coast style, D-Lain’s lyrical awareness, and his ability to grab attention with witty rhymes, and the exquisite chorus delivered by Symone are now complemented by this sci-fi action that unfolds with such top-tier cinematic allure, allowing you to completely escape into a different world where everything else becomes a blur.

This is quality cinema work that deserves acclaim and is the perfect complement to this bona fide standout that has taken the hip-hop music world by storm.

To experience this magical and thrilling visual, visit D-Lain’s official YouTube channel, and consider subscribing, liking, and sharing.


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