Amanda Cross- When I’m Drinkin’

In the bustling streets of New York City, Amanda Cross, a musical wanderer from the heartland of Oklahoma, has carved her niche with a genre-defying fusion of rock, country and moody psychedelia. Imagine the serendipity that unfolded as Amanda, during her time with the electronic-funk duo Chromeo, not only graced the stages of Coachella but also found love in the form of multi-instrumentalist and producer Derek Cruz. This union sparked a creative synergy that birthed the poignant country track “When I’m Drinkin’.”

In this soulful journey, Amanda’s lyrics resonate with an emotional sincerity that transcends the boundaries of genres. The stand-out line, “I only miss you when I’m drinking, I swear I do,” echoes the heartache of longing, making this track a bittersweet anthem for those navigating the complexities of love. Dive into the emotional landscape of “When I’m Drinkin'” now!

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