Corvyx- Bring Me To Life

Step into the mystical realm of Corvyx, the alternative enigma who seamlessly blends cinematic dark pop with haunting vocals. With a name rooted in the magical Corvus (Latin for “Raven”), Corvyx emerges as a messenger for the misunderstood, donning a visionary cloak that has garnered 20 million+ YouTube views. Now, Corvyx unveils his latest creation, “Bring Me To Life,” the single most requested track from his audience, marking the fourth chapter in his Evanescence cover gauntlet.

In this sonic enchantment, Corvyx breathes new life into the familiar, transforming “Bring Me To Life” into a hauntingly beautiful experience. As the audience becomes part of his musical alchemy, they are invited to embrace the ethereal productions, raw emotion, and power that define Corvyx’s signature sound. With each note, he solidifies his place as a force to be reckoned with, leaving listeners bewitched by the magic woven into every melody.


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