Miami Based Fast-Rising Electro Pop Musician Baby Rouge New Single, “Run Away” Is Now Available for Pre-save

Baby Rouge Run Away

Baby Rouge has been the talk of the town lately with her capacity to harness innovation in service of music being appreciated by key industry players as much as new listeners; this Miami-based EDM and electro-pop artist has always possessed an insatiable passion for music and is what drove her to make so many personal sacrifices including relocating to her current location in order to pursue those dreams and so far, it has been an inspiring start. She epitomizes fearlessness and brings that warrior spirit that is genuinely admirable and what will ensure she rides all the way to the top like she is primed to.

Her debut track, “Feelings” received massive love with listeners appreciating it in their numbers and she is set to continue on that wavelength with a new single, “Run Away” that will be officially available for streaming on the 23rd of September 2022. This is a big-time and vibe EDM and electro-pop inspired masterpiece that was inspired by her own life experiences and journey.

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Rouge has had such a journey having suffered severe sickness and trauma and decided to take a huge risk by selling everything and relocating to an unfamiliar territory in order to pursue her dreams. That huge gamble is finally paying off and this is a track to remind everyone not to get held up in mediocrity but live life like it is supposed to be lived because with risks comes rewards as you can see from her own experiences.

The future indeed holds promises of mysterious good and anything can happen overnight. We have to be more alive to the wonders that inhabit our days. Life is beautiful; never miss out on its awesomeness and incredibleness. It’s there for you no matter what you might be going through. We all live on borrowed time so you cannot afford to postpone anything for even the tiniest of everyday graces.

Baby Rouge Run Away

“Run Away” will get you moving right away and from the teaser, I’ve listened to, it is the type of tune worth lifting any occasion. Follow Baby Rouge everywhere and mark the 23rd of September on your calendar.

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