NYC-Based Middle Eastern Eclectic Powerhouse Baklava Express’ Debut Project, “Dávka,” Offers a One-Of-A-Kind Listening Experience.

The compositional beauty and instrumental fluidity of Baklava Express (a Middle Eastern fusion band) are wondrous. Led by Oud player Josh Kaye, this band has been able to carve out its own niche when it comes to traditional music rooted in Arabian culture with Turkish, Greek, and Armenian musical influences. The traditionally tapped sound is then seamlessly blended with jazz, flamenco, rock, and Eastern European folk music for one memorable listening experience that, as soon as you taste it, you never forget quite how it felt!

There is listening to music and then there is experiencing it; after exploring Baklava Express’ sound, the latter fits the description. Theirs is the kind of music that touches your soul and is mood-evoking music that contains some surprising twists and lots of live instrumentation from the Oud, guitar, violin, bass, and percussion.

After performing all around venues in New York and receiving critical acclaim with their performances, the band felt that the time was indeed right for them to share with the rest of the world their unique philosophical music, and there is no better way to introduce themselves than with that astonishing performance in “Dávka”, their debut project.

This is the kind of music that makes you feel like you are riding high in the sky, riding the clouds alone but enjoying the best company. The phenomenally crafted compositions have that certain feel that reaches out and grabs its listener, keeping them where they want them.

It feels like with a performance like this, Baklava Express meets and surpasses the pinnacle of picturesque traditional eclectic music.

“Dávka” is a scenically striking sonic score with rich traditional melodies fused with live instrumentation and percussion and passionately performed in a way that feels heavenly. Baklava Express reinvents nostalgia with this stellar piece of music that effortlessly spills serotonin as the poised progressions unfurl around the immersive virtuosic compositions.

The band exudes such outstanding showmanship, and their chemistry is on point—a result of a sizeable amount of years spent performing together. Every member brings something unique to the table, and all these pieces then fit together like a puzzle to fashion a cathartic and visceral listening experience that is emotionally satisfying, hypnotic, and tempting.

Inspiring, heartfelt, and passionate performances are all packaged in exactly 39 minutes and 40 seconds…of course, this could be longer depending on the number of times you play some tracks. There are those that demand several repeated listening experiences for them to really stick.

This is the best music to meditate to, study, do yoga, exercise, and even dance to; it’s like a musical spectrum where you get everything according to your preferred wavelength. This is a delightfully hypnotic album that brings a depth of unique influence to the traditional, classic sound.

Baklava Express are like major mavericks trailing on an undeniable path, setting up the standards of what it’s like to engineer a trail-blazing musical career without necessarily submitting to whatever trends exist—just authentic music that has been impeccably distilled for the rare occasions of seemingly incurable sadness.

If you are looking for something unique and equally enthralling, your vigorous search ends here with Baklava Express, as they take you through an adventurous soundscape that is brimming with infinite possibilities and where real-life scenarios and emotions are transformed into melodies with near-universal appeal.

“Dávka” is now streaming on all your popular platforms; follow the attached link to listen to the album in its entirety and let those tracks that you like the most find their way into your playlist.

Recommending it to others really is a form of love language!

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