Award-winning filmmaker and creative visual artist TY BRU has a new soundtrack dubbed “AT A DISTANCE” featuring VO-KAL for his “7EVENTH SIRKLE” short film.


TY BRU is expected to grace the Atlanta After Dark Festival in April, happening at the famed Plaza Theatre, to represent both the track, “AT A DISTANCE” and the film, “7EVENTH SIRKLE” which he hopes will be deservedly acclaimed like his previous “A Night In Charlotte With Sweeney Ty” which was shown at the global TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood and went on to win Best Experimental at the Golden State Film Festival.

For some time now, TY BRU has been seamlessly blending music, film, and photography to engineering something genuinely authentic and rare. His style is seriously receiving wide recognition, and he hopes “AT A DISTANCE” and “7EVENTH SIRKLE” will not be any different.

“AT A DISTANCE” really is a masterpiece and I love the collaboration with the strikingly gifted vocalist VO-KAL who really did wonders with that chorus and infuses this track with that delectable R&B vibe.

TY BRU comes through with his smooth deliverability, moonwalking over the beats and dropping some masterful rhymes with wise perspectives over the old-school-flavored beats. All this is backed by a Halloween-inspired music video that fits in perfectly with the film’s narrative.

This is just stunning innovation and creativity at its finest, and I have no doubt that many people will feel the same way after listening to that hypnotic anthem and watching this film that really reflects TY BRU’s innovation and where he wishes to take both his music and film.

You can be part of this sensational ingenuity by following TY BRU everywhere and contributing in whichever way you can.

To listen to the track and watch the trailer for the film, follow the attached link below, and make sure you share this work with everyone you know.

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