Rap Genius Banna From the Middle East Unleashes Some Thought-Inspiring Facts in His Masterpiece, “ALIVE”


His 2020 debut single, “Ace of Spades,” introduced a talented artist from the Middle East with an impeccable taste for downtempo trap beats, melodic raps, and smooth new sounds that revolve around hip hop. Going by the professional stage name of Banna, this ingenious lyrist has been a force to reckon with; his melodious rap vocals scream trap sound with a scintillating backing of blazing instrumentation that embody a heavenly feeling.  Rooted in evocative and expressive musical landscapes, supplemented by emotionally relatable lyrics and harmonious rap vocals, Banna genuinely delves deep into the trap genre with a thousand-yard stare!

After listening to his critically acclaimed record from his luxurious discography, I am convinced that Banna and his music really has no ‘target audience”—I feel like he makes music for everyone in the mood to enjoy phenomenally and meticulously crafted hip hop music.

While I am never certain about many things in life, I know for a fact that the hooks in the song “ALIVE” will remain ingrained in a listener’s brain long after this masterpiece is gone. As I write this, all I feel like doing is singing along, “Tiger eyes, I can even see em if they comin’ from behind

They be blind

They wanna fight the truth & livin’ lies

But I teach them by example while alive

Everything from the cover art down to that unforgettable lyrical performance stands out—in any world, this is a potential chart-topper that can absolutely boost the playlist of anyone, despite their musical tastes.

Catchy and faultlessly anthemic, it’s just mesmerizing how Banna is able to just engineer an anthem off of his lines. This is the mark of a first-class lyricist who is destined for greatness. I feel like he is a little bit undervalued, but one thing I know is that, at this point, his meteoric rise to stardom is just inevitable.

I honestly feel so happy that I discovered Banna’s music because I will be living through it like a religious experience—his tracks are already my staples, from “Nothing 2 Lose” to “Lost in You” and even “Unfair”—he’s just got an ear for the hit melodies. I am convinced he has no bad track man!

To get acquainted with Banna’s sensational artistry; follow the attached link and discover an oasis of hidden treasures of peerless musicality that you have been craving for!

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