Up and Coming Female Artist Julanna Set to Debut Her First Ever Release “Mystery Man” on 18th March, 2022

Julanna Mystery Man

All the courage, bravery, resiliency, and perseverance come together in this stage for a moment of inspiration – a moment in the limelight, and the stage is set as she would never have imagined herself ever gracing even in her wildest dreams!

Julanna epitomizes fearlessness and even though she suffered plenty of childhood traumas, she never once stopped to think of a brighter future laying ahead and waiting for her. She has a fire in her that cannot be put off and she allowed herself to walk into the blue ocean of possibilities where authenticity, the mastery of bravery and the unflinching audacity awaited her! Julanna went on from being insecure about her own singing to the now much-anticipated debut for her first release “Mystery Man” which is set to be dropped on the 18th of March 2022.

“Mystery Man” is a masterpiece in melodic transcendence with the stunningly innovated diversified styles that have been skillfully assembled to produce one surprisingly endearing and fashionable melodious track!

The heavy percussion at the intro for example offers a stark reality to the magical world of the EDM and the electronic background instrumentations go further ahead to confirm this. At its center is the alluring vibe of pop style with some compelling spark of reggae groove that makes you want to move your body albeit with slow discipline!

The track has an exceptional plan of vocal arrangement as pure and unfiltered raw voice takes a life of its own and influences the song in mystical ways. The lyrics are about some love mystery and portion that comes with that kind of longing for someone special! There is no debating that this track is an absolute pinnacle of debut music mastery and I could think of no better way to introduce herself to the music world!

As the days drag by, the wait lasts longer but one thing is certain; this is a track that many will enjoy with its love-inspired lyrics resonating from pleasantly produced beats. Mark the date in your calendar and let the world welcome this intriguingly talented artistic brilliance that is Julanna!

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