Broad-Based Recording Artist Broken Has a New Sublime Body of Work Dubbed “Greedy,” Featuring Singer NY Luciano.

Broken started his music journey back in 2015 as a rapper, and as the years progressed, he found a new and exciting niche in the pop punk and rock genres, which saw him make a crossover during the summer of 2022. By blending the traditional and the unusual, Broken is able to cultivate an eclectic concoction  of music; tapping from a timeless pot of musical winery to not only deliver music fueled by emotional inquiry but one that has been combined with an unquenchable craving for a creative output.

“Greedy” is his latest piece, and it is a blazing one at that. Featuring guest star Ny Luciano, Broken goes on to deliver a detailed, opulent-steered, and impeccably distilled soundtrack that breaks the limits within pop punk and rock defyingly!

“Greedy” is just groovy from the word go; the electric organic components blend admirably with the evocative bass line before the pondering drums join in the mix to engineer a captivatingly lucid rock-fueled sound. There is also that entrancing tonal diversity and engaging melodic and rhythmic interplay that brings out the pop punk element of the tune in no time.

The arrangement is quite simply outstanding and makes superb use of its assorted instrumentation and intricate layering, treating listeners to an epic piece that is stylistically relevant and deeply engaging as well. Broken’s vocal presence is felt all over the sound and really brings out the buoyant nature and emotional features of this tune.

This is just musical excellence on display, and it is thus not surprising that in less than two weeks since its release, the official audio release has already managed to amass over 36K views—it seems audiences globally cannot keep their ears off of this masterpiece, and with such a gracious and passion-brimmed performance as this, it would be asking a lot of them to let go of its addictiveness!

To listen to this banger and boost your playlist while at it; follow the attached link, subscribe to Broken’s YouTube channel, like this tune, and share it everywhere!

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