“A Night in Charlotte With Sweeney Ty” by NC-Based Independent Star Ty Bru Is a Sublime Work of Live Musical Performance!

Telling his own side of the story in a style that migrates between musically-defined creative art and melodic, hard-hitting rap, it’s perhaps the variety and complexity of NC-based independent musical model Ty Bru’s delivery that plants an essential flag for a career that has spanned a decade and a half of success, marked with deserved accolades and back to back hit music that has made him put the industry on notice that he is not just a participant but a key player! All this fascination with theatrical musicals and plays was fueled when he watched the 2007 Tim Burton film “Sweeney Todd,” and his own dim love of the same was ignited brightly!

After watching the slightly over 17-minute live performance christened “A Night in Charlotte with Sweeney Ty”, it seemingly dawned on me that this was such a highlight for the level of Ty’s artistry, and although there were some sought-after ugly scenes that occurred before, during, and after the performance that Ty and his allies would rather not remember, it does not take away from this indescribably outstanding and indisputable performance that they put in here… I’m still wishing it was longer; never in my life have 17 minutes felt so short.

Charisma-steeped, theatrical, and incredibly lively, Ty takes center stage and delivers back-to-back hip-hop music, highlighting his matchless lyrical capabilities. Complementing his performances are the theatrical, musically enhanced live plays, with the acts blending the Halloween theme so perfectly to mind-blowing effects.

This live performance was actually professionally filmed by Odell Payne, Chandler Solomon, and Ty Brueilly, and special mention also goes to the musical guest performers such as Shadow, Red Jesse, Kaitlyn, Ghost Unknown, & Stitchy C that graced that stage and gave it their all; this is what giving your heart and soul looks like!

I want to take the honor of giving these performers their flowers because they all deserve it, and to thank Ty for having the courage to finally share this with the world despite the background rumpus that marred this performance… It deserves all the critical acclaim it can afford because it is special, enthralling, and above all, extremely entertaining!

Follow the attached YouTube link and relish in this joyous and captivating musical experience by one Ty Bru. Make sure you leave a comment below on how you feel about the whole performance!

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