Zimbabwean international sensation Calaburr seamlessly blend the energetic vibes of Jerk rap with the raw authenticity of underground hip-hop with his latest project “elegance”

“elegance” really has a nice ring to it! This is a project that took 6 months to become what it is today. It is so much more than just the music, it is a celebration of culture, diverse influences, and a recognition of artistic depth and integrity that enable catchy and timeless music like this to exist. The instigator is none other than Calaburr, an artist whose name rings a bell because he has been swiftly rising the food chain, winning the hearts of fans, critics, and influential global superstars such as Lil Xan, YhapoJJ, Lil B and XavierSoBased & more who want to be a part of this musical future Calaburr is creating. He is also well-travelled and loves to incorporate diverse influences into his music for that global appeal.

Calaburr is also the owner of the label, “CEO MusiX,” which really is more than just a record label- it’s a community, a family, and a support system for artists on their journey to success and stardom. Through mentorship, collaboration, and unwavering support, the label lays the groundwork for artists to thrive, empowering them to reach their full potential and make their mark on the music world.

And let’s talk about “elegance” for a minute, shall we? Spanning six tracks over 12 minutes, this EP is a whirlwind of high-energy beats, infectious hooks, and gritty lyricism. It’s a project that feels both rebellious and aspirational, with standout collaborations with heavy-hitters in the underground rap scene, Barretta, YhapoJJ, PhreshBoySwag, XavierSoBased & Oodaredevil.

“elegance” is a dynamic and electrifying EP that seamlessly merges the energetic vibes of Jerk rap with the raw authenticity of underground hip-hop. It’s the most cohesive Jerk mixtape to date.

With every track here, Calaburr wanted to capture the essence of success and wealth, with lyrics that exude confidence and swagger. The collaborations with the underground rap A-listers add depth and diversity to the project, showcasing a range of styles and perspectives.

From anthemic bangers that make you feel like a CEO to introspective tracks that explore the complexities of ambition and desire, “elegance” offers a multi-dimensional listening experience that resonates with a younger generation hungry for empowerment and self-expression.

At its core, “elegance” is a celebration of youth, creativity, and the pursuit of greatness. With its infectious energy and unapologetic attitude, this EP is sure to leave a lasting impression on listeners and solidify Calaburr’s status as a rising star in the world of jerk and underground rap.

And Calaburr has already proved to be a worthy competitor; just four months after his official release, he was already flipping heads and winning major placements with huge artists. He is out to take Jerk rap to new refreshing and innovative levels and heights; “elegance” is proof of that; a solid, innovative, dynamic, captivating, and thought-provoking project that is memorable, well-realized, and skillfully executed.

Just take your time, listen to “elegance” and tell me I am lying when I say Calaburr is the future of Jerk rap!


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