The debut single “Kirby” from emerging artist HOLYMAMI showcases her potential for greatness.

Making her mark in the music world, HOLYMAMI is evoking her genre-bending creativity, bold and unapologetic personality, innate charisma, and profound gifts to bring something that has been lacking on most of the music front: authentic music! She blends her rich Cameroonian heritage with her American upbringing to create music that defies genre conventions as much as cultural boundaries. Drawing inspiration from a range of legends, including Betty Davis, X-Ray Spex, System of a Down, and Rage Against the Machine, her own music pays homage to the pioneers while finding its own creative depth, integrity, and originality. Her sound blends the rebellious spirit of rock ‘n’ roll and punk with poetic finesse, creating something that is powerful, energetic, uncontainable, entertaining, and empowering. She wants her music to help others, especially women, cope and feel that they can face the world head-on and achieve whatever it is they put their minds to.

HOLYMAMI’s debut single “Kirby” marks a significant milestone in her budding career and showcases an incredibly gifted artist who is ready for stardom. This track possesses such high-octane energy, infectious beats, and a haunting poetic delivery as she breathes life with her bold and unmistakable vocal delivery.

Here, the grit and rebellious spirit of punk rock meets poetic finesse of rap for genre-defying impact. HOLYMAMI delivers powerful and self-empowering lyrics in “Kirby”, which highlight her indefatigable and unconquerable spirit.

The riffs are enchanting, the beat energetic, and the execution skillful. This jam is the mark of a first-class entertainer as much as a progressive artist, bringing the best of both rock and rap worlds and doing so with such innovative flair.

The train does not stop here, now that she has showcased what she’s capable of, HOLYMAMI is looking to release her debut EP, “Trap Theresa” come March 22, 2024.

Stream “Kirby,” consider adding it to your playlist, wait for the release of “Trap Theresa,” and as you do, check out HOLYMAMI’s official website, for more information.


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