Baton Rouge Emcee D-Lain Makes Sure You Never Forget His Name With That Matchless Performance on His “Zoned Out” EP!

Coming out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, D-Lain is repping his city the best way he can with a style of rap music that is fundamentally lyrical more than anything else. His stage presence is also commanding, and he has it in him to demand the listener’s attention as soon as he opens his mouth. Fun fact: you can actually smell his artistry off him even before he opens his mouth—call that star glow!

His unanimously acclaimed single “Zone Out,” produced by Weyland Music and featuring the incredible songstress Symone, led to the birth of something new and equally attractive; “the 6-track “Zoned Out” EP is what came off it. Tell you what, this is one of those records that you live through like a religious experience—these tracks right here are less heard and more experienced!

Weyland did their thing again on “Riverfront,” and you can just tell this is the work of someone with a PhD in musical philosophy. Featuring guest rapper Tajh Spikes, this masterpiece celebrates what can occur when two artists come together, recognizing what the other artist is worth!

“Bartender” also flies one of the favorite banners due to the amount of heavy lifting D-Lain does to ensure you have a smooth listening experience. This is a case when deft arrangement meets lyrical preparedness, and the result of that is something visceral and cathartic. The chorus is delicious and unforgettable, as are the fluid rap flows and bars.

You have to understand how incredibly hard it is to fit so many catchy flows and smart wordplay into different songs perfectly as D-Lain does throughout this collection. The bars, flows, lines, and rhythm are just out of this world. This EP is purely underground; the technicality, the flows; cadences, samples, and superb sound production are all so prospective and predicting.

In all of these performances, D-Lain proves he is the moment as much as the future. These tracks have the potential to top charts because of their replay value, rich metaphors, and pristine production. D-Lain really went into the studio and just created hits.

“Zoned Out” is the essence of the present moment and a harbinger of what’s to come. This is one of the most dynamic bodies of work around rap music I have listened to, and I couldn’t be more proud of the artist D-Lain is turning out to be.

As one who is at the top of his creative expression, he is set to follow this EP with another showdown dubbed “Louisiana Living” that is in its final touches.

For now, follow the attached link and enjoy this near-flawless execution from someone who has found his niche in lyrical rap!

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