Some Artists Give Us Quality While Others Give Quantity; Souleye Gives Us Both in His Latest Album, “Disguised as Tomorrow.”

It’s insanely hard to create so many likable tracks and fit them into one album perfectly, but this is exactly what sensational hip-hop model Souleye has been able to achieve with his “Disguised As Tomorrow” album, a 13-track masterpiece that is brimming with potential chart-topping, billboard charting, and playlist-favorite contenders. The bars, the flows, and this collection feel like the closest thing to time travel…I mean at certain points, you are adventurously cruising through some past life; sometimes you are just living in the moment; and other times you are just seeing the future unfold before your naked eyes (& ears, for that matter).

Take for example “Human Spirit” where Souleye takes you on an expedition as he flies the mental plane: the old school vibe, the flows, the cadences, the samples, and the sound are all so forthcoming and foretelling. Souleye is the moment; he is the future, and this track has the potential, the replay value, the metaphors, and, to top it off, the superb production. Souleye simply got into the studio and engineered a timeless masterpiece.

“Disguised As Tomorrow” taps into the past, is the essence of the present moment, and is a harbinger of what’s to come. The flow/rap switches, diversity, and top-notch talent backed by the bars, entendres, flows, and melody are why Souleye has reigned at the top of the game for as long as he has, and he proves himself every single time whilst still finding the bar!

Souleye really goes above and beyond; “Disguised As Tomorrow” is actually a departure from his stripped-back 2021’s “Hunting Teardrops”- this is more evocative, action-packed, and delivered with that coin-tossing enthusiasm!

With Souleye’s charming and clever preciosity and willful, sharp-witted demeanor flanked by his natural inventiveness as a lyricist, suffice to say this entire collection surpasses its own expectations.

The guest artists, emcees Big Samir, Main Flow, vocalist, and activist Lila Rose, and South African rock enabler Esjay Jones, deliver memorable performances and add to the album’s dimension, thereby heightening its impact tenfold!

The duet with his wife and a seven-time Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter named Alanis Morissette in the supporting single “Emergency” is still being talked about now…what they did there is just legendary and can only be summarized as the perfect distillation of impeccable artistry and progressive sound mechanics!

Whatever way you decide to enjoy “Disguised As Tomorrow”, please make sure it has something to do with the maximum volume or just headphones plugged in over a very quiet place…this, if you want to experience it as opposed to just listening!

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