R&B Phenomenon Prettyboytheartist Is Set to Officially Drop His New Single, “Make Time,” on March 17th.

Prettyboytheartist grew up on the streets of Norfolk, which ultimately shaped the artist he is today. He has undertaken a musical journey defined by perseverance, authenticity, and a boatload of emotional depth. Just by listening to a few of his songs, it is evident that Prettyboytheartist is primed to make a long-lasting impact and establish himself as a veritable force in the music industry. As an R&B artist, his strength lies in his stunning, sensual, and smooth vocals and the depth of his lyrics, which he bases on a foundation of ideas inspired by love, loss, heartbreak, and relationships.

There is just a star glow that shines through him that cannot be taken away; it’s so natural that it’s almost as if he invented it himself. He has a new jam, “Make Time,” that is set to officially release on all major platforms on March 17th, 2023.

There are so many reasons for any R&B enthusiast to be excited because this is a must-have record from one of those artists who knows how to pack a powerful punch when it comes to lyricism and delivery. This is straight-up ear candy that will have you coming back for more every time you listen to it!

I love how he subtly taps into the nostalgic sound and gives it his own original Prettyboytheartist stamp to make it sound genuinely brand new. And his voice, so beautiful and evocative, makes you never want him to stop singing. Besides his technical expertise, you can tell that he feels every word he utters and wants to take his listener on a deep journey as they explore the dimensions of love, romance, and lust together so that in the end, the listener develops their own personal relationship with the lyrics.

This is pure artistry on display, a performance that embodies passion from head to toe—and it is everything a listener deserves!

If you wish to join this promising R&B artist’s musical journey, it’s worth following his social media platforms and official channels to catch the rhythmic renditions of his passions, as he is at the top of his creative expression and a banger of this high-grade quality will only serve to elevate him into international acclaim!

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