Electronic Music Artist DJ Det Vibe Releases a New Ecstatic Dance Track, “I Need”

In the ethereal realm of music, where emotions resonate with the symphony of words and melodies, there emerges electronic dance music from DJ DeT Vibe, whose creativity and imagination know no bounds. As a producer, artist, and performer, he uses his considerable talent and creativity to delve into uncharted territories in order to skillfully blend multiple styles in his music, including synth and retro pop, deep house, electro pop, future house, and many others, all while establishing a distinctive identity. This is one of the many factors that make this artist one to watch, as he is well on his way to becoming one of the most phenomenal electronic artists of our generation.

DJ DeT Vibe returns with a captivating and hauntingly beautiful track, “I Need” that sees him captures the essence of EDM with a chill vibe. It is a captivating track with an exquisite blend of atmospheric synths, lush pads, and punchy percussion. The track features delicate background vocals that create a dreamy and serene atmosphere.

The subtly placed vocals add that anthemic allure as well as an ethereal and captivating quality to the music. They have been layered softly over the instrumental, blending seamlessly to enhance the overall ambiance and evoke an exquisite anthemic quality.

“I Need” offers a perfect balance of relaxation and energy, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its captivating melodies and lush sonic landscapes while still retaining an infectious rhythm that keeps the groove alive.

This is what DJ DeT Vibe is capable of delivering; a track that is both energetic and relaxing, suitable for dancing or chilling. And to imagine this track was born of a spontaneous creative idea speaks volumes about his inventive flair.

“I Need” represents a refreshing departure from the norm and solidifies DJ DeT Vibe’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of music and stretching the limits of his own imagination.

“I Need” is already streaming on SoundCloud and is an ideal addition to your playlist. Check out the link below and spread the word.


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