Christian musician Feranmi James’ “Jesus we lift you high” is a stirring celebration of faith and devotion

Many people experience various forms of conflict, whether internal or external, in their lives. I do believe there is good and evil in this world. I also believe music is the perfect way to relay any sort of message. Having listened to Feranmi James’ “Jesus we lift you high,” I feel that all my beliefs are vindicated. This performance right here is a testament to the power of gospel music to touch people’s hearts, uplift the soul, and connect individuals to something greater than themselves. The lyrics here are touching; the message and purpose of the song are even more fulfilling!

The smoothly played piano establishes a mellow tone for this song, followed by the sharp drums and dynamic guitars, creating this vibrant tapestry of rhythm and melody building for over 20 seconds before the choir, led by female voices, sings invitingly, “Jesus we lift you high, there is no one like you…” encapsulating the song’s thematic essence with those powerful lines that are the cornerstone of this soul-stirring song.

The choir continues to enchant with their beautiful choral harmonies, setting the stage for Feranmi James, who makes a captivating introduction around the 1:09 mark, breathing life with his emotive, soulful, and demonstrative voice.

James’ lead vocals, the choir’s backing harmonies, and the blend of energetic and mellow instrumentation, create these rich and lush soundscapes as the catchy and meaningful lyrics resonate deep inside a listener.

“Jesus we lift you high” is centered around the theme of glorifying Jesus Christ, and acknowledging his unmatched greatness and supremacy. It is a stirring celebration of faith and devotion, inviting listeners to join in lifting Jesus higher and declaring his unmatched greatness for all to hear. It is a song that inspires worship and draws believers into a deeper connection with their savior.

Powerful, uplifting, and memorable, “Jesus we lift you high” evokes a sense of unity and reverence, making it an easy recommendation for music lovers.

Allow this song to resonate in your heart as it does in your playlist.



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