Big Bus Dream’s Latest Collection, “Hello,” the 2nd Installment to His “C’mon Dream” Series, Offers a Cathartic Listening Experience.

Big Bus Dream is the creative alter ego of Mike Shannon, an artist dedicated to exploring and breaking the conventions and molds of indie alternative rock with inventive flair, finesse, and authenticity. He is far from the ordinary, as he takes inspiration from his own dreams, building on this creative spark and transforming these dreams into lyrics and melodies with universal appeal. Big Bus Dream shines as a project of genuine innovation, emotional depth, and artistic integrity, demonstrating once again that music’s true power lies in its ability to connect, challenge, and inspire.

“Hello,” the second installment in his “C’mon Dream” series, is a captivating journey through the realm of indie alternative rock, infused with the stylistic caliber of folk, country, and Americana. With 12 tracks spanning 42 minutes and 32 seconds, this album delivers a cathartic listening experience, resonating with authenticity and emotional depth.

My favorites include the title track “Hello,” which is catchy, infectious, and memorable, “Crisis of the Mind” because of how dark, haunting, and thought-provoking it is, “Tell Me You Love Me” because of how romantic and intimate it is, “You’re Always on My Mind” thanks to its emotional and poignant lyrics and emotive performance, and and the last tune, “The Other Side,” with its acoustic foundation reminiscent of country, the steady bass, and the subtle Americana influences.


And at the heart of this tour de force is Big Bus Dream’s voice, a rich, velvety instrument by itself that adds a layer of depth and texture to the music. His vocals are smooth, delicately glossy, plush, and luxurious, perfectly encapsulating the emotional resonance of each track and drawing listeners into the immersive world of his dreams.

In essence, “Hello” is a masterful work of art that transcends genre boundaries and conventions, delivering a blend of indie alternative rock, folk, and other influences; a sonically captivating collection that is less heard and more felt; a testament to the power of music to evoke emotions, stir the soul, and transport listeners to another realm.

To experience the magic in the music and enjoy this dreamy journey, check out the link below and savor the music to the fullest.

For more information on the album and Big Bus Dream as an artist, check out his website at


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